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Refocus and Energize

Interactive, Conversational, Encouraging | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 114: March 2023

Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • Refocus and energize | Board Retreat in Portsmouth

  • Introducing the new face of volunteerism

  • Deadline Tomorrow | Submit your speaker application for the June conference

  • Your lessons, one on one conversations | The comeback of poster sessions

  • Launching at the Conference | More than you think!

  • Learning Opportunity | March webinar

  • Learning Opportunity | February Webinar the cynefin model and why context matters

  • 2023 Community Partners | Partner before we go to print!

Refocus and energize

Last month's board retreat energized us ahead of the conference push. We refocused efforts on long-term goals in alignment with our commitment to promoting organizational learning as the answer to our increasingly complex work environment. We discussed how to make the CHOLearning conference more interactive, allow for further conversation among attendees, and encourage the next generation of organizational leaders to level up their knowledge base. There are exciting things to come! This month's Community Communique introduces several of those refocused efforts.


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