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"to provide a collaborative setting for participants to share concepts and best practices related to continuous improvement initiatives - including human performance improvement, data analysis, root cause analysis, corrective action and other organizational effectiveness assessment tools and techniques.”

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Community 2.0 

While we started in nuclear generation, today we have representatives from the broader utility industry, mining, medical, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, government, military and the consulting industry that supports them. We have also expanded into the professions associated with high reliability organizations, resilience engineering, human behavior sciences and more. The widening of the attendee base brings more opportunity to hear new ideas from a wide variety of sources.



Through the continual use of monthly webinars and annual conferences, the Community of Human and Organizational Learning serves as a place encouraging professional growth, open dialog and building resilient organizations. As the workforce continues to proceed into an increasingly virtual world, new formats for dialog and learning will emerge. 

Charles Major - Board President

Charles Major
Board President

Drew Seidel - Board VP

Drew Seidel
Board VP

Mary Webb - Secretary

Mary Webb

Dean Smith - Board Member

Dean Smith
General Member


The Community of Human and Organizational Learning is served by a volunteer board. 

Each member of the board brings a unique and valuable contribution to our community. 

Rob Latino - Board Member

Bob Latino
General Member

Joe Estey - Board Member

Joe Estey, Sr.
General Member

Mike Blevins - Founding Member

Mike Blevins
General Member

John Walters - Planning Committee

John Walters
Program Committee

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