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Driven by relationships | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 113: February 2023

Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • The Power of Purpose | We're more than transactional, we're a Community

  • Deadline Extended | Submit your speaker application for the June conference

  • Learning Opportunity | February webinar

  • Learning Opportunity | The SMEs you already have - Conference Highlight

  • Database Pilot Program | The countdown begins

  • 2023 Community Partners | Partner now to get the most out of your Community Sponsorship

The Power of Purpose

With nearly four (4) decades of experience in Reliability, Maintenance, and Safety in my rear-view mirror now, I’ve gotten to pondering about what have I actually learned. What has been my purpose? For those who don’t know me you can learn more about my career pathway by visiting my LinkedIn Profile. In short, I’ve been a practitioner, consultant, educator, author, businessman, mentor, and thought influencer (don’t like the term ‘Leader’, sounds too cocky). Given all this ‘wisdom’ (polite term for dues paid in years or the state of being ‘old-er’), what have I really learned? - Bob Latino, CHOLearning Board Member with Guest Columnist Ron Butcher (February Webinar Presenter)

My Observation: There are Two Types of People

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter the industry that we work in, there are primarily two types of people:

  1. Those whose purpose is to complete a quick transaction and

  2. Those who are more interested in maturing trusting relationships.

I know this is a broad swath generalization, but reflect on your own career and the people you have interacted with, which buckets do they fit into? If someone were to ask your peers about which bucket you fit into, think about what they would say (and why)? In reflecting over my career, I think I started out focused on transactions as a young man out of school, in an effort to climb the proverbial ladder, step-by-step and gain some experience and credibility. However, as I got older and owned/co-managed an international family business for decades, I was squarely focused on the relationships I fostered over the years. My clients, partners and contractors became my personal friends and practically family. The relationships with them were more important to me than any single transaction. These relationships are the greatest benefit I have received from my entire career…PERIOD.


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