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Is virtual reality just for entertainment?

Would a reported $15M savings be an indication VR applications might actually extend beyond entertainment?

According to DOE, they saved just that amount on Operation Plowshares.

This operation illustrates the ability to utilize this continually advancing technology to:

  • Think through material handling

  • Make improvements

  • Develop proficiency without harm to the workers

  • Train in a safe virtual environment before ever stepping foot onsight


Looking for more ways seemingly entertainment-only tech can be incorporated into work and operations?

Space Teams is a "Chaotic and Cooperative Party Game" being implemented by a few organizations I serve. The objective is to work together to solve a problem; each individual has crucial information, but they don't know who needs it until it is asked.

Enjoy this video of my son and grandsons playing over the holiday visit.


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Motivated and supported on your culture of learning transformation!

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