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National Association Completes Rebrand with a Focus on Community

Companies striving for resiliency and proactive cultures find a home in a community of like-minded practitioners and leaders.

Dallas, TX – The volunteer board for the HPRCT Association is excited to announce the official rebrand to the Community of Human and Organizational Learning. The announcement coincides with the commencement of the 27th Annual Conference. The HPRCT Association fosters learning to forward the body of knowledge in the areas of Human and Organizational Performance, Root Cause Analysis, Performance Trending, Resilience Engineering, Human Factors, Safety II, and High Reliability Organizing.

"Our new name reflects the expanding areas of cognitive study guiding our community’s efforts. We seek to help our organizations move beyond the tool level of understanding and application into the principal level of understanding and application. The Community of Human and Organizational Learning aims to change the way we as practitioners and leaders see the world, work, workers, error, violation and problems, creating robust solutions and engaged organizational cultures," states Charles Major, Board President.

With a focus on community, a true consensus approach led to this historic point. Introduced as Community 2.0, the original mission “to provide a collaborative setting for participants to share concepts and best practices related to continuous improvement initiatives - including human performance improvement, data analysis, root cause analysis, corrective action and other organizational effectiveness assessment tools and techniques,” has not changed. Regular learning events and creating an online community continue to be a focus in meeting this mission.

Branding changes include a new name, logo, color profile and digital assets. Plans for the future include a digital social community for real-time interaction between community members, easier flow of success stories, best practices and much more.

About the Community of Human and Organizational Learning:

The first learning conference in 1994 marks the founding by members of the nuclear utility industry. Expanding beyond the nuclear industry over the last 27 years, The Community of Human and Organizational Learning now serves an international membership. Affiliated industries include utility, healthcare, oil/gas, DOE/DOD, transportation and more. HPRCT Association is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in Texas, now doing business as Community of Human and Organizational Learning.

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