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IMPACT! – Human and Organizational Learning Driven In

When I hear the word IMPACT, I think of something huge, big and loud, like a meteor striking the earth. This one is not too far from me (in Texas miles). Early uses in Latin mean “driven in.” Old English used it to mean “fix firmly.” I can dream that this year’s CHOLearning 2024 might have the IMPACT of a meteor for some. For most, it will be a little calmer experience.

Human and Organizational Learning Driven In

For 30 years now CHOLearning and its predecessor, HPRCT, have been sharing experiences at a slower pace that has "driven in" a lot of learning.

We started as a group of nuclear folks getting together to share methods for trending. That grew to include root cause analysis and then human performance. Today, our members include a broad range of practitioners, sciences, and industries as represented by our Community Partners for 2024.

CHOLearning has IMPACTed thousands of people in 30 years. Many tell stories of changing their careers. Others even go as far as saying it changed their lives.


CHOLearning has been fortunate to include speakers who created the human and organizational sciences we study and use in the businesses and industries we represent, to senior government officials from nuclear regulators to the National Transportation Safety Board. I am personally most pleased when the people who use the science, rules, and tools that we develop to get their work done share their real-world experience during a presentation in front of hundreds of people. That has an IMPACT!


When the board decided to update our name, we struggled for a good year. We finally decided as a collective on who we are. We are a Community of professionals with common interests in improving Human and Organizational Learning so that we can lead industries around the world into a better, safer, and more effective future. One where workers are knowledgeable, fully engaged with their work, enjoy high trust with their teams, and have a sense of purpose about their contributions to work, society, and life.  


See you in Henderson for IMPACT 2024!


Mike Blevins is Adjunct Partner for Senior Executive Coaching and Development. He is the former COO of Luminant, the power generation subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings. Mike is a champion of servant leadership, has developed winning teams, and is a highly respected leader in the nuclear industry. He now works with profits and non-profits in leadership development.

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