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Introducing the Community Communique

Exclusive Community Learning Opportunities | Our Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to the new Community of Human and Organizational Learning newsletter. These newsletters will provide you with updates on the annual conference, monthly webinars, and brief micro-learning opportunities.

Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • The first look at the documentary exclusively being aired during our conference

  • Another sneak peek at conference speakers

  • February webinar information

  • Additional Learning Opportunities | January highlight video

  • Recommended reading

How can the frontier of space remind us that no matter how much we plan, how much we practice, and how much we try to anticipate all possible outcomes, people and systems can always increase their capacity to notice and respond to the unexpected?

While space might seem a far cry from your daily life, it is impossible to plan for every possible outcome. This exclusive documentary showing will have you on the edge of your seat as it examines the 2013 near-drowning of astronaut Luca Parmitano.

Learn from NASA's experience and a highly interactive session, exploring:

  • Your relationship with uncertainty

  • A model to help you think and talk about uncertainty

  • The attitudes and actions that increase competence in uncertainty

  • How systems can support us in uncertainty

  • How competence in uncertainty might change outcomes where you work

Designed and led by: Beth Lay consultant to NASA on this event and Laurin Mooney expert in HRO and equipping people for uncertainty.


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