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Cowboys and Lazy Employees, Managing Each Personality Tendency

Webinar? Oh, webinar? Where are you?

Oh, that's right. We're still a week out for our first webinar post conference.

Never fear.

Your Thursday can still be spent learning from The Community! Enjoy this microlearning video from our long-time supporter, dare we say, longest time supporter, Rob Fisher.


We asked Rob if he had any activities during his Friday Paid Workshop we could film and share with our Community Members. Rob, graciously said yes, waited until Jessica could gather her equipment, and allowed this section of his workshop to be filmed. Do you know your potential limiters?

To most effectively use this video go to to discover your personality tendencies and e-colors. Use code FITSPECIALBASIC to get a report of your tendencies.


Are you a cowboy? Reckless? Someone people have to clean up after? Or Are you lazy? Holding people back? A procrastinator? How do these people mix in a pre-job brief if not properly managed?

This discussion happens around the 8 minute mark.


What sets each of these characteristics apart? Our strengths and weakenesses? Tune in at 9:30 minute mark.


How can you get hurt the most? Rob walks the workshop participants through their individual selections on "how can I get hurt" to demonstrate how their character type influences their calculated risks. Minute mark 24.

But is it really a calculation?


Just before the 30 minute mark, Rob shares a very personal story. He proposes 2 questions and an order that may have saved his wife's life.

Enjoy this resource guide from Rob regarding the information used within the microlearning video.

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