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Do you think the sign should have just said...

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

🗣️ We all know that storytelling is the crucial step in communication.

📡Data can be gathered

📊Charts assembled

✒️Decisions made


without the story, this data tells

  • management can be slow to agree to necessary changes

  • front line workers may be slow to agree to necessary changes

  • errors can be made.

According to a 2019 Dynamic Signal study, $37B annually is lost due to errors from a failure of employees to communicate with each other.

Conference speaker LaRhonda Julien, beautifully lays out actionable communication tips through very personal stories. If you're not a little misty in the eyes at the end of this, re-watch it.


While it is a highlight of the rapid-fire session, this is her complete rapid-fire presentation. Short presentations such as this were a new format for our conference. This 1-hour session received such great feedback we decided to share it with the larger CHOLearning Community.

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