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A Humbling Learning Experience

Feedback from our conference. | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 106: July 2022 Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • On behalf of the Board - Thank you

  • Conference Feedback

  • Presentations & Videos

  • Monthly Webinar Update | Confirmed for July 28th

  • Additional learning opportunities | Todd Conklin - Live from the CHOLearning Conference

  • Conference Highlight Reel | What the phrase "Tell me more," meant to one of our conference presenters

  • Book Resource List

  • EVA 23 | How to license the movie

Thank You for making the CHOLearning Conference the best ever

Dear Community Member, We are more than thankful that you attended 2022 CHOLearning Conference. I think we can all agree it was the “Greatest Conference Conducted by Humans for Humans.” We hope you enjoyed the experience, learned, grew, and are eager to share your progress at the 2023 conference.

Looking forward to seeing you again next year Portsmouth, VA.

Thank You. Charles Major, President- Community of Human & Organizational Learning "This conference couldn't possibly be any better! The topics of presentations are always so helpful and enjoyable. Not to mention, the location has so much to offer after hours. Thank you for planning an amazing, informative, and fun conference each year!" - Heidi Schmidt Cole, conference attendee


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