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The Final Countdown

Useful information before our conference. | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 105: June 2022 Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • Items to know for the best conference experience

  • The conversation continues | Dine-around information

  • Urgent hotel information

  • Conference app reminder

  • #tickettolearning week successes and winners

  • Additional learning opportunities | Multi-webinar highlight reel

  • Conference sponsorship information

Welcome to the 28th Annual Learning Conference…almost! In preparation for your trip to Colorado here are a few items to remember:

  • Pre-Conference Workshops – Register now before the workshop you want fills up.

  • Post-Conference Workshops – Several of you have paid for an additional immersive learning experience. Our speakers need an accurate headcount to provide you with the best learning experience possible.

  • Weather – Be sure to check the extended forecast as the Rockies have experienced some very late-season storms. So far, we’re looking to have 80-degree weather.

  • Altitude – Be aware of the altitude. Colorado Springs is located at 5,994’; compared to LA at 305’, NYC at 33’ or Charlotte at 761’. The air hits a little differently there, so plan ahead with extra water, lip balm, and sunblock.

Helpful information for virtual attendees:

  • Our Conference App (or Website Agenda) is your access point. You will need to add each session to your schedule and check-in prior to accessing the content. Check-in will be made available just before the scheduled time.

  • We will be utilizing Zoom as our streaming service. Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version.

  • Here is a tutorial for attendees accessing Zoom via Teams.

  • Ensure your Zoom name matches your ticketed name: First and Last Names. Only ticketed attendees will be allowed into the Zoom meeting.

  • Cameras are not required; however, we are trying to make the experience for you and our presenters as immersive as possible so feel free to turn them on.

  • All sessions will be recorded in the event of technical difficulties.

If you still haven’t purchased your #tickettolearning, there is still time. See you in a couple of weeks!


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