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The plane in flight is off course at least 90% of the time. Weather conditions, turbulence, and other factors cause it to get off track, off track, and often the plane arrives at the destination on time.

Now that is agility!

Make the adjustment before it becomes a bigger problem, before it becomes a crisis. Right? If you look at the chart from before, companies don't have they'll see that it's a crisis until the year is over. And you look back like, what do we achieve? And nothing like what you plan.


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The Journey from Nuclear Power Generation to Space | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 119: August 2023

Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • 30 Years in the Making | The journey from nuclear power generation to space

  • Were you there? | Request for photos

  • Conference Highlight | Take charge with Tesla

  • Learning Opportunity | RCA: Going from good to great

  • Learning Opportunity | August webinar

  • Learning Opportunity | Calvin Williams 13-minute micro-learning video

30 Years in the Making

It has been an eventful 30 years since the inception of the Community of Human and Organizational Learning. Back then, our focus was on learning from failure, striving to understand and prevent mistakes to enhance safety and productivity in nuclear power generation. Today, the world has witnessed a remarkable shift in the way organizations approach learning. Nuclear power, NASA, and every industry in between are now embracing a culture of learning from normal work, a transformation that has been crucial in propelling the exploration of new frontiers. A paradigm shift has occurred thanks to a mindset shift in leadership and organizational cultures. We’ve moved away from being reactive to failures and incidents to being proactive in learning from normal work. Learning from everyday activities, identifying best practices, and optimizing processes allows for a deeper understanding of how to consistently achieve success, rather than merely avoiding failure. Leaders are fostering an environment where employees feel empowered to experiment, make mistakes, and share their experiences openly. Be proud of the valuable insights gained, better decisions we’ve made, our enhanced performance, and increased resiliency. As Peter Senge eloquently put it, "In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive edge is your organization's ability to learn faster than its competitors."


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