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Is this unsafe or an adaptation?

Were you with us in Portsmouth in June? If so, you might recall this presentation.

Enjoy this 10-minute clip from speaker Marcin Nazaruk. He'll ask you whether or not your people would agree with crucial statements about learning, safety and adaptations, and much more.

When there is an incident. It's easy to think that it happened because something went wrong. For example, somebody didn't follow a procedure.

Similarly, when a job is completed without an incident, it's easy to assume that all procedures were followed. All controls were applied.

However, when we look into how the work is executed when there are no accidents, we see exactly the same things that we see in investigation reports. People skip steps in the procedures, the tools are missing etc. Success looks a lot like failure.

This means that the factors that will create your next accidents exist today.

Learning from Normal Work allows to find and address these factors without waiting for the accident to happen.


Be sure to join us for the October webinar.

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