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Behind the Scenes

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 108: September 2022 Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • OnDemand learning | Personality tendencies

  • Behind the scenes | A special thank you

  • Monthly webinar | EVA 23: Lessons Learned from a NASA Spacewalking Close Call

  • Learning opportunity | "Transforming Culture" highlight reel

  • Learning opportunity | The Hidden Flaw With Classic Human Performance Defenses

A Special Thank you!

You may have noticed... Recently, behind-the-scenes videos have been popping up from our conference. There are lots of reasons for this: recruitment of the next generation of HOP professionals, unscripted/unedited content is always a nice break from our usual social feeds, and it humanizes our conference.

There are three individuals, among many, working behind-the-scenes, who go above and beyond in volunteering their time, talents, and expertise to ensure the needs of our Community are met. These are the faces we see at the check-in table, the names you hear in response to any question that is asked, and the people who keep the show running. If you know or see these people, be sure to thank them!

Do you have any behind-the-scenes footage? Did you capture any fun moments or side conversations you'd be willing to share with The Community? If so, please consider sharing them via the link below.


OnDemand Learning

The word is in the name of our Community.


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