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A look ahead as we reflect on all 2022 gave us

2023 Conference Preview | Our Monthly Newsletter

Vol. 111: December 2022 Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • Closing out 2022 | Thank you!

  • 2023 call for presenters | Now accepting applications

  • Monthly webinar | Conference preview

  • Message from our webinar coordinator | The longest distance

  • Learning opportunity | Conference highlight reel - My how far we've come

  • Learning opportunity | Why it's Time to Move from Speaking Up to Speaking IN®

  • Database Pilot Program | An update

Closing out 2022!

Capacity. Culture. Communication. Continuous Leaning. Crucial aspects for 2022’s success. Let’s add Community to that list. The dedication of members new and old to this long-standing Community is inspiring. Together, we accomplished a post-COVID comeback beyond imagining, proving this year’s conference theme to be true: Improving Results by Improving Our Culture. We created an interactive and inclusive culture. The addition of hardworking and energetic board members, monthly learning opportunities, and engaging social media relationships helped to build a culture of true learning and collaboration. Faces we’ve seen for years experienced a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Faces new to The Community gave hope for the future of organizational learning. As we close out 2022, thank you for making this a Community. We’ll see you in Portsmouth, VA in 2023.

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