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Project Engineer

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Morton Salt

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December 31, 2021 at 8:00:00 AM

About the job

As the Project Engineer for Morton Salt in Manistee, Michigan, you will be responsible for performing technical analyses for implementation or modification of production processes and plant physical facilities/infrastructure as requested by management to assist production in meeting all product quotas and quality while providing for the health, safety and welfare of each employee. Additionally, all work is to conform to pertinent environmental, health and safety requirements and is to be economically cost-effective.

You will also perform the following tasks:

Prepare, submit and oversee capital and expense projects related to plant production or building/infrastructure. This includes project proposal definition, design specification, bid solicitation, contract awarding, field oversight and recordkeeping.
Perform special assignments as requested. This work could include many forms of theoretical engineering, or cost analyses, temporary supervision of employees, etc.
Transfer new technology to manufacturing. Assist the Engineering Manager in the design and development of manufacturing processes for enhancements to existing technologies to improve facility operations
Conduct all operations in accordance with documented environmental, health and safety policies and procedures


Our company values and recognizes the diversity of the workforce and encourages individuals with the equivalent combination of education and work experience.  The ideal candidate will have:

  • Three to five years of industrial experience preferred.

  • Bachelor degree in engineering, preferably mechanical, chemical or electrical

  • A self-starter who is capable of managing/performing multiple tasks

  • Ability to recognize and respect diverse perspectives expressed by team members

  • Above written and oral communication skills


You will receive an attractive benefits package, including: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k Match, Paid Time Off, and Company Paid Holidays.

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