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2024 CHOLearning Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Innagural Awards Initiative! We are proud to highlight the exciting work you're contributing to advance the field of human and organizational learning. 

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2024 Community of Human and Organizational Learning awards.


Georgina Poole has been honored with the prestigious Visionary Vanguard Award for her innovative contributions and forward-thinking approach in advancing human and organizational learning.


Andy Barker has been recognized with the Applied Excellence in Learning Award for his exemplary application of learning principles that drive significant and tangible results.


Both Georgina and Andy were celebrated at our annual conference in Henderson, NV, where peers and leaders in the field acknowledged their achievements and dedication to excellence. These awards underscore our commitment to recognizing and promoting outstanding human and organizational learning contributions.

Class of 2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

Not pictured: Todd Conklin, Ph.D.

Conklin holds a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of New Mexico. He speaks all over the world to executives, groups, and work teams who are interested in better understanding the relationship between the workers in the field and the organization’s systems, processes, and programs. He has brought these systems to major corporations around the world. Conklin practices these ideas not only in his own workplace but also in the event of investigations at other workplaces around the world. Conklin’s best-selling book, Pre-Accident Investigations: An Introduction to Organizational Safety is a best-selling book on safety. Conklin has several other books and a huge podcast following for his twice-weekly podcast of the same name. Conklin defines safety at his workplace.

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