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A plea for true community

Before I knew what community was, I learned lessons about it from my dad. He would tell me stories about his childhood years on the family farm. He shared that part of his work included taking care of the widows, orphans, and elderly. An orphan himself, these duties were sacred to him. Ensuring that at a minimum their basic needs were met, my dad would unknowingly go on to instill those same values in me.

The 2022 Annual Learning Conference was an amazing experience! It highlighted the importance of our individual and collective contributions to continuous improvement. The learning opportunities were priceless. The evening networking provided time to connect with professionals from various high-reliability organizations. I went. I saw. I heard. And I am convinced! I want to invest in creating the same experience for others! I want to do my part to help take care of The Community!

What can you do to help The Community be a better place to learn? Be active! Now, I’m not talking about the 10 miles I will run in a couple of weeks or the half marathon I will run to earn my turkey! I’m talking about getting involved in The Community and investing in the process of knowledge sharing with members.

What’s in it for everyone?

  • Promote discussion and collaboration

  • Create a sense of belonging

  • Increased satisfaction with programming and membership experience

  • Improve readiness for human error-related scenarios

  • Inspire innovation

  • Strengthen The Community

  • Effective learning


LaRhonda Julien is an Inspection Performance Specialist for the Construction Inspection department at Georgia Transmission Corporation -- a not-for-profit utility company that connects power plants to local electric member cooperatives by planning, building, and maintaining the high-voltage transmission lines and power grid infrastructure throughout Georgia. Her major duties involve implementing human performance improvement, overseeing business continuity, and change management processes. She also coordinates capital construction projects and environmental protection activities. She chairs the company's Human Performance Strategic Team.


For more information on new ways to get involved with The Community, our October Community Communique can be read here.

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