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continued focus on organizational transformation through shared learning

“You can learn from your experience or you can learn from someone else’s. It is usually better to learn from someone else’s.”

- Mike Blevins, Founding Member & Former COO, Luminant

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Now accepting speaker applications for the 2024 Learning Conference.

Are you a dynamic public speaker? Do your insights go beyond individual performance? Help The Community with your ideas so everyone can internalize the concepts learned and apply them to create sustainable, transformative organizational change. Now is your chance to shape the future of organizational excellence and operational success.

Join the Community actively promoting growth in organizations and people. 
Learning opportunities from industry thought leaders. 
The leaders in collaborative growth ideation. 

Upcoming Webinar

Avoiding HOP Deployment Errors

How to deploy a HOP program and integrate it into everyday work.

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Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to promote human and organizational learning. 

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