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Vol. 109: October 2022 Within this newsletter you'll find:

  • Ask The Community | Introducing a new online resource for Community Members

  • 2023 conference update & member request

  • Monthly webinar | Safety Differently, HOP, and Safety II

  • Learning opportunity | NASA Webinar Highlight Reel

  • Learning opportunity | Complacency: An optimists view

Ask The Community

The answers to your questions - without searching multiple locations The Community is excited to pilot a new user-generated knowledge database. We are looking for a few individuals to participate. Have you been looking for ways to advance the knowledge base of your company or workgroup regarding how humans and organizations interface? Or maybe you want to contribute to a body of knowledge helping to inform and inspire others. Now is your chance! Don't worry. Participation doesn't have to be overwhelming. It's really as simple as answering (or submitting) a question, or two. Enjoy this video of Board Member and HPI consultant, Joe Estey, Sr. as he answers the question: what are error precursors? Joe even took the time to film two short clips; one aimed at a novice and one for the practitioner. Enjoy the novice-level answer below.

To inspire creativity, here are a list of questions you might be able to answer:

  1. What is the best Human Performance advice you've ever been given?

  2. What is your take on a Just Culture?

  3. What is an HRO?

  4. What are your top HPI resources or tools?

  5. What is an example of a successful pre-job brief outcome?

  6. What are your top 5 must-read books for someone starting their HOP career?

  7. You've stopped something due to a concern over unfavorable conditions. Now what?

So, where do you come in?

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